Domenica Fiore Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The ingredient.

Businessman and noted philanthropist Frank Giustra made fortunes giving financial advice to gold mining operations, and now he has his sights set on yet another type of gold—the liquid kind. He’s recently become the proprietor of an olive growing estate that overlooks the Medieval village of Orvieto in Umbria, Italy, and is producing Domenica Fiore Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the harvest. The olives are picked and crushed within one day of harvesting, and are nitrogen sealed in stainless steel bottles. The results are splendid; blended from four traditional olive varietals, the oil is of medium intensity with herbaceous, earthy overtones, and a peppery finish. Chefs Umberto Menghi and Pino Posteraro approve. So stop by Gourmet Warehouse or Urban Fare to try a bottle. You won’t regret the investment.


Post Date:

September 24, 2012