Reach Vancouver’s most discerning, cultured urbanites.

Celebrating 14 years of publishing, MONTECRISTO presents influential personalities behind the culture and creations of Vancouver, focusing on design, beauty, food and wine, travel, fashion, business, books, philanthropy, music, and more. Reach over 1.4-million discerning Vancouverites—in print and online—per quarter. Contact us today to explore our print and online properties.


MONTECRISTO Office: 604-321-7121

Director of Sales, Marketing, & Distribution
Alessandra Bordon
Phone: 604-321-7121 ext. 226

Sales Coordinator
Lenora Ede
Phone: 604-321-7121 ext. 244


Each quarter, MONTECRISTO reaches over 1.4-million discerning, cultured Vancouverites with an international perspective and local participation.

Our newly released Ipsos demographic survey describes the MONTECRISTO reader as:

A Highly Educated, Professional Vancouverite.
MONTECRISTO is distributed to the greater regional areas of Vancouver (75 per cent), North Shore (12 per cent), Richmond (six per cent), Burnaby/Coquitlam/Port Coquitlam and other areas (seven per cent); 53 per cent of MONTECRISTO readers are male, and 47 per cent are female; 56 per cent of MONTECRISTO readers hold a bachelor’s degree or higher and 15 per cent have a post-graduate degree; 65 per cent of MONTECRISTO readers are married or in a domestic partnership.

Average annual household income: $219,813. Average number of cars per household: 2.06. Top five types of vehicles owned: SUV, mid-size, luxury, sports and small car. 73 per cent of MONTECRISTO readers own their own homes and 47 per cent of MONTECRISTO readers or members of their family will buy or sell real estate in the next two years.

An Active Online Consumer.
91 per cent of MONTECRISTO readers have made an online purchase in the last 12 months.

A First-Response Consumer.
89 per cent of MONTECRISTO readers like the ads in MONTECRISTO. After viewing an ad in MONTECRISTO, 50 per cent of readers have visited the advertiser’s website, 42 per cent have kept the ad as referenced for the future, and 23 per cent have purchased the advertiser’s product.

Each year, MONTECRISTO readers take an average of 8.26 flights and stay an average of 23.44 nights in hotels. Travel is the editorial subject read most among MONTECRISTO readers.

One Who Uses MONTECRISTO as a Lifestyle Guide.
83 per cent read their copy of MONTECRISTO at home, spending an average of 149.4 minutes per copy; 67 per cent of readers refer back at a later date.

(Source: Ipsos)


With new web-exclusive content daily and over 14 years of archived print issues, visitors to have much to explore on Vancouver’s internationally inspired online space. delivers over 375,997 impressions each quarter (source: Google Analytics).

MONTECRISTO‘s unique online advertising opportunities offer:

  • Fixed Top Right-Hand Ad Position
    A Big Box ad measuring 300 x 250 pixels has a fixed position at the top of every page on the website.
  • Guaranteed Mobile and Tablet Exposure
    Due to the fixed Big Box (300 x 250) ad position, the website’s responsive design will ensure your ad automatically appears in full on mobile and tablet screens too.
  • Brick Ads (300 x 600) Available for Desktop Only
    Diversify your online ad campaign with Brick ads (300 x 600) on desktop screens.


Celebrating 14 years of publishing, MONTECRISTO continues to entertain and inform the discerning Vancouver urbanite.

97% of MONTECRISTO is now Polybagged and Mailed to Affluent Vancouver Households via VIP client lists of Vancouver-based luxury retailers, Canada Post affluent neighbourhoods, select affluent subscribers of Sing Tao and the remaining by request to private jets and clubs and select newsstands / stockists (source: Canadian Circulations Audit Board / Ipsos)

MONTECRISTO‘s distinct print environment offers:

  • 65 per cent Editorial/35 per cent Advertising Environment Guarantees Category Dominance 
    Be among up to about five of your peers in your industry business category. This is ideal for new brands launching into the Canadian market. By associating with other like-minded brands readers already know, you instantly educate readers on the level of quality you offer while reinforcing your specific brand name.
  • Only Full-Page or Double-Page Ads
    This reduces the advertising clutter and provides a seamless reading environment; 88 per cent of MONTECRISTO readers love the ads in MONTECRISTO (source: Ipsos).
  • Upfront Guaranteed Positioning
    Due to fixed right-hand positions, you can guarantee your ad position in the first 21 pages of the magazine. These positions include opposite the Publisher’s Letter, opposite the Table of Contents, opposite the Editor’s Letter, opposite the Table of Content page, and more.
  • Ads Placed Only on Right-Hand Side Pages Opposite Full Editorial Pages
    This ensures the reader sees your ad as much as the story beside it.
  • No Two Ads are Side-by-Side
    Ads are never placed next to other ads.
  • Competitive Separation
    Ads are paginated with the most possible separation between you and your competitive peers.
  • Complementary Editorial Placement
    The magazine is paginated with key lifestyle categories clearly defined. Requesting a position opposite your related industry ensures exposure for your service or product to an interested audience.


This weekly e-newsletter is sent to paid subscribers and opt-in readers. Each edition directs readers to new and expanded stories on and other content not included in the print version of the magazine.

Event Marketing
MONTECRISTO collaborates with long-term advertising clients to create and/or assist in various event programs, supplementary marketing initiatives/relationships, VIP gifts, and more.

*All added value opportunities are reflective of advertising investment. Contact your Account Executive today to discuss your customized marketing plan.


“MONTECRISTO is an exceptional partner for iconic luxury brands, including Tenuta Luce, Penfolds, and The Dalmore. The MONTECRISTO team is influential, strategic, and collaborative and works with us to create creative and memorable campaigns and experiences.”
–Angela Heffernan, Mark Anthony Wine & Spirits

“MONTECRISTO’s simple and elegant design tells of Vancouver’s fashion, artistic and business leaders who are making a mark in Vancouver and around the world. Targeting high-powered and discerning readers in the Greater Vancouver area, MONTECRISTO Magazine is the obvious choice for an established brand opening in the Vancouver market.”
–Debra Margles, President, Michael Kors Canada

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