Where the cherry trees bloom.

Let’s be frank—Vancouver is not really Canada. Vancouverites are not really Canadians. Ask anybody east of the Fraser Valley.


Pop goes the artist.

Andy Warhol once said, “The idea is not to live forever, it is to create something that will,” a notion embodied by his legacy and artfully cultivated celebrity status. Twenty-eight years after his death, Warhol remains one of the most instrumental figures in contemporary art and culture.


For saints and sinners.

“Montreal is always playing with the theme of saints. There are saints everywhere, church spires everywhere.” It seemed a natural choice.


A desert classic, with a twist.

If you’re seeking a sunny destination to vacation like a rock star, the colourful Parker hotel in Palm Springs is the place to check in.


What to try at the Vancouver International Wine Festival.

At the Vancouver International Wine Festival there are over 1,750 wines, 14 participating countries, 170 wineries represented, and 53 events to attend. That’s a lot of glasses (not to mention empty bottles).


Resonant design.

Brent Freedman and Robin McMillan founded Gamla, a contemporary design studio for furniture and objects in 2013. Since then their chairs and Gimli, their highly successful line of canine oriented objects inspired by their dog of the same name, has put them on design aficionados’ radars.


Re: History.

Oliver Stone is a featured artist at Vancouver Biennale’s CineFest LIVE, a new supporting program within the larger public art exhibitions.


Ready to roar.

The highly-anticipated Prohibition at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia opened February 12. Much is expected of this downtown underground speakeasy: hand-crafted cocktails, exceptional service, and sharp design.


There's no such thing as bad weather.

There is a Scandinavian saying, “there is no such thing as bad weather, just unsuitable clothes”. So it is no surprise that Nordic brands have gained a reputation for functional, durable, and innovative pieces.


A tribe called MEC.

The athletic landscape of the Lower Mainland could easily be divided into tribal territories: the downhill devoted, the backcountry bound; the climbers, the hikers, the yogis. Across the nation, these groups summit at Mountain Equipment Co-op.