Local phoenix.

It was the first fireproof building to be built in Vancouver and would set the tone for what the young city could look like, and aspire towards.


Fog and sun.

There are few places that feature wine, the finest of fare, and a picturesque environment in abundance at world-class standards, but Napa Valley serves up some of the best in every category.


How the West End was fun.

With nine-foot ceilings, elegant, open spaces, and liveable, usable balconies, these are highly appealing homes, and likely a sign of things to come.


Across the board.

A few spectators share how they came by their scene-stealing hats, and reveal a little of what’s underneath them.


Air quality.

“Innovation is in our name, and we created a sports car of the future. It’s not just fuel efficient, we have intelligent performance.”


A different flight path.

The planes are small, the runways are water, and many of the flights are for pleasure—a novel idea for locals and visitors alike.


Lit up.

Good Animal’s philosophy is about establishing and reinforcing an identity for its clients. It’s about imbuing spaces with a unique sense of self.


Kaleidoscopic carnival.

“How Do I Fit This Ghost in My Mouth?” is a carnival of our personal and collective memories, morphing and rearranging what we recognize into something difficult to decipher.


Tastes of Paris.

That mysterious, effortless French elegance—it’s a confident sway of the hips, red lips, savoring a sip, a casual flip of the hair, nonchalant, coy, and fiercely self-assured.


Keeping score.

For the last few years, the conductor and newcomer to Vancouver has been on a mission to unite the best Canadian classical musicians through early music performances.


Can you dig it?

Excavation methodologies have evolved from the simple basket and pickaxe used in the earlier centuries, and prices have risen to a headline-worthy status—but our passion for connecting with and collecting prehistory remains as strong as ever.


Supper society.

Anyone is welcome, though; no one needs an invitation to join this supper club. Just an appetite.