Watch out, watch in.

This Corum Coin watch was acquired by Andy Warhol, and remained in the Warhol collection until early in the 1990s.


Festive flâneur.

In collaboration with Melbourne-based industrial designer Christopher Boots, Hermès has installed interpretations of its 2015 theme, Flâneur Forever.


One million rescues.

“We see the worst things, but then we see the best, too.”


School of thought.

In January 2015, the first class ascended the stairs to THNK Vancouver’s campus—“Home,” as they call it.


A hundred years from now.

Rémy Martin asked Robert Rodriguez to direct, and John Malkovich to star in, a film that will not have its premiere until 2115.


Palladian palace.

Walk through the enormous door, below the sparkling chandelier, and you are received by a familiar face beneath your feet.


Trading places.

Public won the Prix de Rome, which is awarded by the Canada Council for the Arts and has been in the country since 1987, though its roots date back to a 17th-century travel scholarship.