The imaginative leap.

His is an esoteric mind, dealing easily with abstraction, engineering, and other architectural realities, and the logistics of furniture.


Pin point.

Facial acupuncture, a holistic east-meets-west approach to anti-aging, marries the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine with western anti-aging modalities.


The mix.

Walter is an Ocean Wise product, which means the North Atlantic clam juice is both natural and sustainable.


Body talk.

Dance at its very core is utilized to communicate what cannot be uttered in words, and it is in this unspoken language that Pite is most fluent.


Made to last.

In an era of online shopping and fast fashion, a 100-year-old, family-owned luxury shoe store is undoubtedly a rare species.


Working design.

Vancouver designer Andrea McLean believes a space should not only look beautiful, it should also work beautifully.


Scent intentions.

Comprised of essential oil blends in roller-balled glass vials, Vitruvi capitalizes on smell’s ability to transcend logjams of mental preoccupation and alight on visceral associations.


Female forward.

The store is focused on providing Vancouver with something different, and helping turn the page on the city’s maturing aesthetic.


Facilitating connections.

A home for alumni for life right at the heart of the Vancouver campus, the Alumni Centre is named in honour of one of UBC’s most dedicated graduates: prominent local business leader and philanthropist Robert H. Lee.