The artifact.

Gianmaria Buccellati is a creative force in his namesake company, which has been producing esoteric gold art object for generations


I don’t think you know me.

I really don’t worry much about my online privacy. I get the impression the all-seeing, data-gathering online Big Brother is rather inept.


Bright lights, big city.

There’s much to see in the city that never sleeps. New York teems with world-famous attractions, restaurants, and experiences.


Renewed light.

Take the free ferry from Central Station across the River IJ to Amsterdam-Noord (Amsterdam North) and a short walk, or bike, through the neighbourhood will lead you to Blom & Blom’s airy showroom.


Buying art online.

When selecting a new painting for the wall, a prospective buyer typically migrates toward an art gallery, art fair, or an auction house to fit the bill. But and other online platforms want buyers to consider another option.



A refreshing spirit-forward cocktail for a seasoned drinker, which may just enchant summer sippers uncertain about Campari’s delicious attributes.


Get rhythm.

Get in the groove for musical festival season (including this weekend’s Folk Music Festival) with some beats from renowned percussionist Sal Ferreras.


In the know in San Francisco.

San Francisco is chock-a-block with great dining options. The Presidio Social Club is the place to save for your last night in town, so you are sure to leave happy.


Shuck and awe.

New to the Sutton Place Hotel is Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar. The restaurant is the latest addition to Vancouver’s dining scene, and a real beauty.


For a good cause.

Though their motto for 2014 was “sweet home Napa Valley”, Auction Napa Valley could have easily gone with “go big or go home”. Because big is where bidders went, raising a record-breaking $18.7 million for healthcare and child education nonprofits in Napa Valley.


The planter.

Vancouver-based Lebanese sculptor Marie Khouri is in the midst of a fabulous new creation, which will be unveiled soon. But she has been busy, also, with her eyes on a practical application of her sense of flow and beauty in public spaces.


Bittersweet summer.

The bartending world has many bitter bastions of creativity, with Campari at the top of the list. Gaspare Campari likely did not envision that his creation would have such market stamina.


What women want.

If there was ever a duo to solve the fashion conundrum for modern women, a passionate and pragmatic Canadian and a passionate and persuasive Frenchman could be the dream team.


Sociable commentary.

The sun is high in the sky and summer is here; and for many, that means it’s the season for a neighbourhood block party. Several new exhibitions are opening at the Flats on Saturday, July 12; various gallery events are scheduled from noon to 6:00 p.m.


Stay connected.

Hinge Park, situated just west of Vancouver’s Olympic Village, now boasts an original artwork, a colourful, vibrant sculptural work by world-renowned artist Jonathan Borofsky.