Note for note.

The first two albums I ever owned were both by Jefferson Airplane, the San Francisco band Kantner co-founded in 1965. For me, he was a giant.


To West.

In West’s Quang Dang he found something of a kindred spirit, in terms of being adventuresome on a plate. A special dinner was born.


The basics.

One look at the glass cases lined with cupcakes, tarts, cookies, loaves, and scones will leave even the most sweet-toothless of observers with hearts in their eyes.


The glove.

Mountains are meant to be climbed up and skied down, after all, and fingers must be warm and at the ready to snap that perfect shot.


Natural light.

This new coworking studio for architects and designers is simplicity meets versatility.


To Gianni’s.

Today, lovers of the brand that Gianni left behind can partake in a pilgrimage of sorts, entering the home he decorated in Versace’s signature opulence.


The summit.

Soon after taking a seat at the table, Adler reveals the “true truth”: he has a deeply dark side.


Ferocious and fun.

Operation is smooth, quick, and quiet, as one would expect from a Jaguar. What isn’t quiet, however, is the engine, and that’s a wonderful thing.


Monsters and magic.

Soundscapes with dreamy surfaces spun as delicately as cotton candy thinly veil their haunting lyrics underneath.