Towards the sea.

Waikoloa Beach Resort is an oasis of modern civilization—nearly a shock to the system after the drive in. Within lies 1,350 acres of playground for all ages, including resorts small and large, shopping pavilions, golf courses, restaurants, and any other amenity that you’ve left behind.


A new neutral.

Rad Hourani’s monochromatic and architectural unisex designs challenge the notion of assigning a wardrobe specific to gender. His work has often been the subject of gallery and museum exhibitions, and this fall he will be a part of “Politics of Fashion | Fashion of Politics” at Toronto’s Design Exchange.


Smoky single malts.

Laphroaig Distillery celebrates its second centenary this year, and so it makes an ideal choice for toasting to Robbie Burns this Sunday.


Tough choices.

A long time anti-Apartheid activist, Mandela advocate, and ANC supporter, South African novelist Nadine Gordimer has been a powerful and influential presence in both political and literary realms. With 15 novels, over 200 short stories, and scores of essays, she has earned attention, not just kudos, but surveillance and censorship as well.



You may remember artist Byron Dauncey’s street art from Vancouver’s urban landscape, signed with the name “Cameraman”. Today, Dauncey has exhibited in galleries across the city.


Do your best.

Bill Lui is absent of pretension, has a solid head for business, but developed a deep appreciation for chefs, sommeliers, and the entire dining and winemaking world.


Go with the flow.

You’ll see there’s a particular charm felt in New Brunswick that goes beyond covered bridges, lighthouses, and eating lobster every day. Visit for an outdoor adventure, a piece of Canada’s history, or go simply to watch the tides turn.


From Venice to vineyards, and more.

Choosing a particular region to visit in Italy and spending your two weeks or so there, has plenty of merit. But visiting several regions in short stops has its charm too, perhaps most vividly because Italy reveals itself in a way that cannot be had any other way.


A picture is worth 1,000 words.

The goal of this collaboration is to build tomorrow’s creative legacy today by vesting some of the best established YVR talents with the task of recognizing and supporting young and emerging creators of significance in Vancouver.


The way of all Bentleys.

Christophe Georges is president and CEO of Bentley Motors, Inc., the Americas region, and what he does not know about Bentley’s pedigree is hardly worth knowing. The growth of the brand is exceeding the growth of the luxury market overall, which is saying something.


King of the Rhône.

A mere moment with Michel Chapoutier is enough to change for life the way you think about wine.