Karl Lagerfeld “Obra en Proceso / Work in Progress”

Photo's worth.

The head designers at most of the world’s top luxury fashion brands come with an air of fantastic mystery about them. They rarely give interviews, or post the Instagram selfies we have come to expect from public figures. Chanel’s iconic Karl Lagerfeld may be the most enigmatic of all: sunglasses-clad, dressed in black, hands in leather gloves, he is completely synonymous with the label, and yet remains on its peripheries, always present and poetically important but never fully in focus.

The only way to peek into Lagerfeld’s brain is to study his work, to watch it walk down the runway and pose in magazines. Or, for those lucky enough to live in or visit Havana, Cuba over the next little while, the chance to dig into a different part of his psyche is presented through an exhibition at the Factoría Habana. Lagerfeld will be in town to present Chanel’s 2016/17 Cruise collection at a show on May 3, but has taken the opportunity to also display over 200 of his photographs from April 28 to May 12. “Obra en Proceso / Work in Progress” is divided into three sections, outlining his key focal points: fashion, architecture, and landscapes.

An old saying states that a photo is worth 1,000 words. In the case of such an alluring creative mind as Lagerfeld’s, it is surely worth much more.


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Post Date:

April 28, 2016