Photographer Angela Fama

Focus: Capture Photography Festival.

Angela Fama investigates themes of memory, meaning, and change in her photography. The Vancouver-based artist is participating in this year’s inaugural Capture Photography Festival, which began October 1. Fama will present a selection of works during festival, including the series It’s a Sign, opening October 17 at Initial Gallery.

When discussing the series, Fama says, “Early explorers sailed across oceans, discovering new lands and leaving flags as proud declarations of procured ground.  For the past half-century to present day, in lieu of flags, we leave behind advertising billboards—heavy urban footprints set beside the paved roads we’ve etched into the surrounding landscapes. Although [the signs] stand in symmetrical contrast to their environment’s natural disorder, they are washed clean by that very disorder creating, naturally, a new beginning.”

Fama joins photographers Lincoln Clarkes, John Goldsmith, and Brian Howell for the Museum of Vancouver’s exhibition “An Evolutionary Look into Vancouver Street Photography”, a response to the works of noted Vancouver street photographer Foncie Pulice, which opened October 1 for the Capture Photography Festival. For her series How Are You?, Fama set up a vintage Boler during Car Free Day on Main Street this past June and invited passersby in for a conversation, eliciting and capturing their responses.


Post Date:

October 4, 2013