UBC’s Museum of Anthropology

An architectural study.

The Museum of Anthropology, or MOA, at the University of British Columbia is world-renowned for its collections, public programs, and community connections. It’s also Canada’s largest teaching museum. The contemporary museum of world arts and culture is a place of extraordinary architectural beauty, provocative programming, and exciting exhibitions. Designed by legendary architect Arthur Erickson, the gallery houses more than 38,000 ethnographic objects and more than 500,000 cultural artifacts (not all on display), including an impressive collection of First Nations art.

From towering totem poles in the spectacular Great Hall, to the iconic yellow cedar The Raven and the First Men sculpture in the Bill Reid Rotunda, to the more than 10,000 objects from around the world housed in MOA’s Multiversity Galleries, the museum offers endless opportunities for discovery and was designated a national architectural landmark in 2011 by the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada.

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Post Date:

February 25, 2014