Beauty Cabinet: Safety First

So natural.

As we grow older, we begin to realize we are not invincible. The choices we made yesterday mattered, as do the ones we make going forward. Of course, we can’t change the past. But we can look to the future with renewed fervour and resolve to make smart decisions regarding what we allow on our skin, and therefore inside our bodies.

The conversation surrounding beauty is changing, and for the better. Here we highlight six products that keep skin soft, supple, and safe.

Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Rapid Radiance Mask

Designed especially for sensitive skin, Pai products are certified organic by the Soil Association. Created in London, Pai’s offerings are not tested on animals, and come in bottles that can be recycled after use. The fragrant Rosehip BioRegenerate Rapid Radiance Mask is a 10-minute fix, encompassing  Omegas three, six, seven, and nine into a creamy, hydrating polish. Each tube comes with a muslin cloth to take the mask off with ease, and without issue, leaving skin clean, bright, and fresh.

Consonant Skincare HydrExtreme

Not only are Consonant products all-natural—they are also made in Canada, making the brand a stress-free choice. Especially when it comes to on-the-go hydration. Consonant’s HydrExtreme is packaged in a sleek apothecary-style glass bottle, meaning the formula is easy to carry around in one’s purse; it won the grand prize at the 2012 Canadian Beauty Innovation Awards, but it is still just as relevant today. Made of cassia angustifolia seed extract and vegetable glycerine, the product helps to smooth skin and immediately hydrate it, as well as soothe certain irritations including eczema. Mix with morning moisturizer or apply throughout the day for an added boost.

Ilia Tinted Lip Conditioner

Though now based in California, Ilia beauty has its roots in Vancouver, where founder Sasha Plavsic was born and raised. “I grew up in the woods,” she says, and so it is perhaps no shock that she went on to create a natural makeup line. The Tinted Lip Conditioner is a busy woman’s best friend; made up of 85 per cent organic ingredients, it both covers and conditions the lips for a smooth, light application. “You are nourishing your skin and doing a bit of rejuvenation from the inside out,” says Plavsic, who came home to visit and share new products at Olympic Village boutique Kiss and Makeup. The These Days shade pictured here is warm and soft, easily applied even—dare we say it—without a mirror.

Beautycounter Color Shade Eye Shadow Duo

Santa Monica-based Beautycounter, which launched in Canada in March 2016, creates beauty and skin care items that adhere to the strictest safety standards. By doing this, it ensures no product holds ingredients that are linked to cancer, irritation, hormone disruption, and other not-so-friendly outcomes. Beautycounter’s Color Shade Eye Shadow Duo, pictured in Pearl/Champagne, uses a Thai bloom called porcelain flower extract that is popular for its antioxidant properties. This works to condition the fragile skin around the eyes without sacrificing effect. The pair of colours can be mixed, layered, or worn individually. Even the compact itself, made of FSC Certified paper, is something to sparkle about.

The Face Shop Jeju Aloe Fresh Soothing Gel

Take it from this pale-skinned writer: sunburns hurt. It is, of course, better to avoid them altogether by generously lathering oneself with sunscreen, but for patches missed by SPF and other sun-exposure-related irritations, South Korean brand The Face Shop’s Jeju Aloe gel is cooling and comforting. Calming and smoothing the skin using 99 per cent aloe leaf extract plus nine other natural plant ingredients, this gel comes from Jeju Island in the Korea Strait. Bask in the sun with the knowledge that everything is golden.

Islandwise Essentials Arnica Salve

The fresh, minty smell of Islandwise Essentials’s Arnica Salve is enough reason to carry it around everywhere one goes, but its soothing healing properties are its real raison d’être. Known to help fix bruises, bumps, and other little annoyances, arnica cream has long been used as a natural remedy. Hailing from Masset on Haida Gwaii, Islandwise Essentials is a two-woman team that hand-makes an array of soaps and mixtures harnessing the best that the remote B.C. islands have to offer. Apply the company’s Arnica Salve to unwanted marks, or even smooth a small amount under the nose for a refreshing pick-me-up.

It starts with a spark, a change in the winds. Little by little, public perception of the beauty industry is beginning to change—as for the proof? Well, that’s written all over your face.

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Post Date:

August 16, 2016