Morrocanoil’s rose-gold mask. Courtesy of Morrocanoil Colour Depositing Mask.

Our Beauty Columnist’s Tips for Light and Breezy Summer Makeup

The lazy days of summer have finally arrived—emphasis on lazy. Since March, my slow descent into abject personal neglect has been liberating for both my schedule and my wallet. Aside from trips to the hair salon, I haven’t ventured into any other beauty outpost—be it a nail salon or a Sephora—since winter.

When in-person meetings resume and beach excursions include cohorts other than our pets, I’ll hopefully get back to business. For now, I’m loving these double-duty beauty picks that offer both time-saving and beauty-amplifying features so I can continue to sit out and savour the moment.

Coola Sun Silk Drops

Coola Sun Silk Drops

Courtesy of Coola Sun Silk Drops.

These just-approved-in-Canada lightweight organic sunscreen drops offer broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection and help fight the effects of blue light, infrared radiation, and pollution. They’re also reef friendly (should you be headed to Hawaii sometime, um, next year) and can be easily mixed with your moisturizer and foundation for quick get-up-and-go (even if it’s just to the dining room-cum-office).

OPI Nail Polish

OPI Shellabrate Good Times nail polish

Courtesy of OPI’s Shellabrate Good Times nail polish.

Nothing feels more summery than sitting outside and idly painting your toes—it’s thoroughly meditative and always makes me feel like a teenager. OPI’s Shellabrate Good Times nail polish evokes fun on faraway islands, while the colour, a limited-edition shimmery ivory, goes with everything for low-maintenance, easy style that lasts up to seven days.

Peace Out Dark Spots

Peace Out Dark Spots

Courtesy of Peace Out Dark Spots.

We may not feel comfortable heading to a medispa anytime soon, but Peace Out’s Dark Spots’ microneedling dots do the work any good doc can do, all while you, well, peace out.

These oil-free brightening dots are designed to fade the appearance of dark spots when you use them twice a week for two consecutive weeks. With their microneedling technology, these little textured stickers use niacinamide, licorice extract, and transexamic acid to lighten and brighten. Sleep tight—and light.

Chanel Healthy Glow Bronzing Cream

Chanel Healthy Glow Bronzing Cream

Courtesy of Chanel Healthy Glow Bronzing Cream.

A healthy dose of vitamin D from the sun is always good, but anything beyond that and you’re just courting cancer cells. Chanel’s new Healthy Glow bronzing cream gives that perfect glow without ever having to sacrifice your safety. Plus, it works like a charm on those Zoom calls when you’re trying to project a relaxed and healthy vibe rather than a quarantined, pasty one.

Just use a kabuki brush across your cheeks, nose, forehead, and chin to spread some sun-kissed radiance. For the rest of your body, mix the bronzer with your moisturizer and apply to your shoulders and décolletage.

Moroccanoil Colour Depositing Mask

Morrocanoil Colour Depositing Mask

Courtesy of Moroccanoil Colour Depositing Mask.

If you’re angsting to dye your hair blue but are worried about salon buyer’s remorse (otherwise known as SBR), there’s Moroccanoil’s new Color Depositing masks with apricot kernel oil and argan oil. With a full range of vibrant hues from aquamarine to rose gold designed to fade over time, you can easily experiment with temporary pigment without long-term commitment. Because this summer, we’re taking things day by day.

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Post Date:

July 22, 2020