Anti-aging regimes are in no short supply. More radiant, soft, youthful skin is just around the corner—take it from the 20-year-old in the ad campaign modelling astounding results. Will it work for the rest of us, though?

The team of scientists and dedicated researchers at Bioeffect are not here to sell an empty promise. Backed by double-blind placebo controlled studies (the same methodology used by the pharmaceutical industry) and peer-reviewed journal findings, the Icelandic brand has already gained a cult status in its home country, and is sure to quickly find a strong following in Canada.

Using epidermal growth factor (EGF) proteins derived from barley seed, the biotechnology enlisted in the line’s products is on the cutting edge. Developed over 10 years by Dr. Björn Örvar (who received his PhD from the University of British Columbia) and his team, Bioeffect has been able to produce real results, proven with just a couple of months of use. “It has only seven ingredients, we don’t believe in 70,” Örvar says, speaking to the line’s core product, the EGF Serum, while visiting Vancouver’s Holt Renfrew (where the line is now carried). “We decided to do a simpler, purer combination. The other part of our philosophy is: whatever you bring to the market, make sure it does something.”

That something in Bioeffect’s case is a 30 per cent increase in skin density and a 60 per cent increase in skin thickness—two factors that are not often talked about in skin care but, according to Örvar, should be. “First of all, if you increase the skin thickness, you are tightening the skin, it becomes firmer, and it is a better protector against the environment,” he explains. “Another thing that is related to skin thickness is a study we did in 2011 that shows it will also improve the moisture level in the skin. Fifty per cent increase in moisture level in the skin after one or two months of application.” Essentially, skin is creating its own moisture and keeping it in because of its increased thickness, meaning you won’t have to apply cream in the morning, then wash it off, and apply again before bed. Collagen density, another calling card of Bioeffect’s success, is also essential for firmer, more taught skin. “After 20, you start to lose your collagen density by one per cent each year,” says Örvar—an unnervingly quantifiable statistic.

The Bioeffect line offers a range of products including the cornerstone serum, but also a day formula that wears well under makeup, an eye serum for targeted action, and a body serum, all which include the EGF technology. Specific, pure, and scientifically sound, Bioeffect doesn’t need tricks—its proof is your skin.

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Post Date:

January 13, 2017