EviDenS de Beauté at Rosewood Hotel Georgia’s Sense Spa

Best of both worlds.

Fusion food is everywhere in Vancouver—be it Kissa Tanto’s Italian-meets-Japanese, or Wild Rice’s West Coast-Chinese—but the concept of combining cultures does not have to stop at the plate.

EviDenS de Beauté takes this same model and applies it to skin care. Founded by a Frenchman who fell in love with Japan (and a Japanese woman), EviDenS harnesses assets from both countries, creating an altogether luxurious and unique beauty experience. And now, thanks to Sense, A Rosewood Spa at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia, guests can experience a bit of this fusion on their faces.

The new exclusive spa treatments use EviDenS products, a mix of French knowledge and Japanese skill, for special multi-step offerings that leave skin feeling entirely pampered.

All appointments at Sense begin in the quiet and comfortable lounge, where fresh tea and a warm towel with the spa’s signature scent are presented. Then it’s into one of the treatment rooms, which themselves are something to write home about: a panel by the door allows guests to choose their music mood, and the treatment bed has customizable heat, leg pillow height, and more.

Once tucked in and ready, the real fun begins. Try an 80-minute Ultimate Instant Lifting Ritual facial, which works on all skin types, but is specially designed for sensitive aging skin. A unique Triple Collagen formula is used to help boost collagen production while re-establishing skin’s elasticity and strength. Working to smooth fine lines and increase firmness, the luscious treatment, which includes three separate masks, leaves skin dewy, deep-cleaned, and soft. Fresh-faced and relaxed, it might be time for a quick dip in the adjoining pool, encased in glass with lights at the bottom that slowly change colour—just be sure not to get your face wet so that the EviDenS products have the chance to work their magic to full effect.

The Rosewood Hotel Georgia is in itself a fusion of sorts. Mixing classic English service with West Coast Canadian flair, the property provides a singular experience equal parts luxury and finesse. Like EviDenS de Beauté, it is the best of both worlds.

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Post Date:

July 5, 2017