Fenty Beauty Killawatt Diamond Ball-Out Highlighter

Bright like a diamond.

“The key to highlighter is not being afraid of it.” These words were spoken from Rihanna’s shimmering pink-gold lips during a Vogue beauty vlog published in May 2018. The singer, actor, philanthropist, and entrepreneur playfully took to the screen to show off the glistening albeit natural look achieved with one of the many shades of Fenty Beauty’s Longwear Foundation, Match Stix contour, and Trophy Wife highlighter. The video has 10 million views and counting.

Rihanna launched Fenty Beauty (Fenty is her last name) in 2017, and the brand quickly went on to be named one of Time magazine’s most important inventions of the year, earning tens of millions its first few months. The core of the brand is found in its inclusivity all of skin tones, disrupting the industry with 40 shades of buildable foundations. It also helps that the company touches Rihanna’s glamorous yet authentic personality at all corners, offering products that are adored internationally for their bold, fun, and self-assured aesthetic.

The most recent compact to join the lineup is the limited-edition, platinum-shaded Fenty Killawatt Diamond Ball-Out Highlighter. Available only online, it comes after the cult Trophy Wife highlighter popped up on Instagram feeds and makeup tutorials across the internet. Just like Trophy Wife’s shimmering gold tint can be seen, almost literally, from kilometres away, the Diamond Ball-Out shines boldly with attention-getting silver.

To apply, grab hold of the cream-coloured Cheek-Hugging Highlight brush, dab its super soft, angled bristles into the Diamond Ball-Out pot, and graze gently over the cheekbones. Though it may be a tad outrageous to start, Rihanna (via Vogue’s beauty vlog) recommends layering and blending, and placing it under the eyebrows, along the bridge of the nose, and in the inner eyes for a luminescent look no matter the skin tone or gender. Best of all, 100 per cent of the proceeds from every Ball-Out purchase will go to the Clara Lionel Foundation, an initiative Rihanna established in remembrance of her grandparents that provides emergency response programs for healthcare and education around the world.

The Diamond Ball-Out Highlighter is just another extension of Rihanna’s influence as an artist, philanthropist, and beauty icon. But it is also a way to shine bright—very bright—like a diamond.

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Post Date:

August 10, 2018