Guerlain Orchidée Impériale Eye and Lip Contour Cream

Wear your wrinkles.

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Eye Cream: an essential product for providing youthfulness around the most delicate part of the face. Fine lines are inevitable, but French skin care and cosmetics company Guerlain is proving that they can be managed—with the Orchidée Impériale Eye and Lip Contour Cream, that is.

With the release of this latest product, Guerlain is shedding the concept that all fine lines and wrinkles can and should be banished for good. Instead, the 190-year-old brand unpacks the idea that the foundation for any anti-aging skin care routine begins with maintaining the skin at a cellular level.

“I think you work really hard in your life to get your wrinkles. You’ve earned them,” says Guerlain’s international beauty artist Maxime Poulin, slowly twisting the cap off the blue and gold pot and revealing the cream’s rich texture and soft fragrance of roses, orchids, and white musk. The Orchidée Impériale line is not exactly new for Guerlain, as the first eye cream under the range was released 12 years ago. But it is continuously updated, thanks to impressive research and development labs and organic greenhouses throughout Europe and in Asia.

As such, the new eye and lip cream builds on a solid foundation but adds some exciting ingredients and technologies. “It works in a biomechanism of the body. In the night, you’re resting so the body is repairing, and in the day, the body is defending itself,” says Poulin, explaining how the new patented Chrono-Response Complex technology works with the “natural rhythms of the skin” to reduce signs of aging both day and night. In the morning, apply the cream to the eye and lip area after serum and before moisturizer. Ingredients like jasmine and hyaluronic acid hydrate throughout the day, and in the evening, the licorice extract combats pigmentation and milky spots.

The ingredient Poulin is most enthusiastic about is caffeine, incorporated to work wonders for dark circles and puffiness. “It gives a big drainage effect, but it has the ability to break down lipid distortion,” he says. Caffeine is commonly used in body moisturizers to target the accumulation of fat cells like cellulite, but Poulin says Guerlain is the first to use a subtle amount of caffeine in an eye and lip cream for the same effect. “It’s much gentler, so you can use it long term,” he says. The caffeine promotes circulation in the blood and the lymphatic systems, allowing pockets of fat around the eyes and lips to fade come mid-morning. It’s great for skin that needs an extra push, but also perfect for the morning after one too many glasses of wine.

Still, don’t expect this product to erase things completely. “We’re not promising the removal of wrinkles, because we know that this is not true—anything that removes wrinkles its just a visual effect,” Poulin explains. “But this one, because you look revived because the skin is healthier, you can work on resilience. More plumpness, bounciness of the skin. You still have your wrinkles, but you look fresher, younger.” It’s not about erasing the passage of time—it’s about feeling and looking great, no matter the stage of life.

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Post Date:

February 24, 2018