La Mer Holiday Editions

Light, bright.

Renowned for its soothing, sea-centric skincare products for the face and body, La Mer supplements its nutrient-rich marine skincare ingredients (algae, seaweed, kelp) with flora and minerals in two limited-edition products for the holiday season—a shimmering compact and a candle for the home.

Infused with crushed gemstones, pearls, and light colour pigments, La Mer’s Illuminating Powder produces an iridescent sheen when dusted across the face. The lightweight pressed powder is compatible with any complexion and gives skin a healthy glow.

The Candle, the first of its kind for the brand, is crafted to provide an ambience of calmness and relaxation amidst holiday commotion. When lit, the glass glows a holiday-appropriate emerald while notes of water lily, honeysuckle, bergamot, and violet lightly infuse the air.


Post Date:

December 5, 2014