Nest Fragrances Liquidless Diffuser

Smells like home.

Coming home after a long day’s work should be a luxurious situation: shoes kicked off, glass of wine poured, and beautiful aroma in the air. While scented candles and electric diffusers need to be activated upon returning to one’s abode, a new product from New York’s Nest Fragrances can be left “on” all day long, quietly permeating its fragrance throughout your sacred space.

The aptly-named Liquidless Diffuser comes in a selection of popular Nest home scents: Bamboo, Moroccan Amber, Cedar Leaf & Lavender, Ocean Mist & Sea Salt, Sicilian Tangerine, and Grapefruit. Sticks made from sustainably-sourced paper and infused with pure fragrance oil are slotted into a sleek metal holder that looks good on any nightstand, bookcase, or desk (the base is designed not to retain any scent, meaning you can switch up your fragrance choice each time you refill). Available in Canada through Sephora’s and Nordstrom’s websites, as well as in-person at select Sephora stores, the Liquidless Diffuser is sure to become a staple of the home. Each stick releases its scent for up to 30 days, meaning there is essentially no maintenance—just slot it in its base, walk away, and come home to the sweetest smell.

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Post Date:

July 20, 2017