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Glow on.

No matter what your beauty routine may be, glowing skin is always in. For centuries, women have been searching relentlessly for the keys to flawless skin, and it seems as if we’ve heard it all: drink six glasses of water a day, get those eight hours of sleep, wear sunscreen, and exercise. All important for our health and wellbeing, these tips are likely to give precious skin a boost. But for extra comfort and care, other investments are necessary. When your makeup melts off at the end of the day, you want to love the skin you’re in—and that is where Pacific Derm shines.

Overlooking downtown Vancouver and the North Shore Mountains, Pacific Derm has snuggled nicely into its new home on Hemlock near South Granville. Previously downtown on Georgia Street and operating under the name Pacific Dermaesthetics, the clinic moved into this abode in September 2017. Unlike other dermatologist offices, Pacific Derm exudes a modern and clean aesthetic, thriving in an interior crafted from glass and wood. The state-of-the-art clinic was introduced to the community with a beautiful opening celebration equipped with Champagne, eccentric white balloons, and a gorgeous canopy of florals from the Flower Factory. “We still have the balloons,” laughs Pacific Derm’s Brianne Vestvik. “It’s hard to give them away.”

Still riding the high of moving into a space that both staff and patients are delighted with, Vestvik floats down the hallways as she explains the inspiration behind the design. “We wanted that art gallery feel,” she says, noting that the contemporary pieces were acquired from local Monte Clark Gallery. “Everything is based around art. Having an open and modern space, it’s a little bit Manhattan chic.”

Chic, most definitely, especially since every treatment begins with a photography session. Capturing the skin from all angles, staff want their patients to experience what their canvases look like before and after. “If there’s a subtle change, we want to capture that,” Vestvik says. “We need a baseline to see how the improvement is going.”

After stepping out of your facial photoshoot, it’s into the treatment room you go. As one of the largest and most advanced skin care centres in Canada, Pacific Derm offers cutting-edge technologies and services. Among the clinic’s staff is Dr. Jason Rivers, a board-certified dermatologist and clinical professor of dermatology at the University of British Columbia who is constantly at the forefront of cosmetic research and development. Patients can expect all treatments—including the ever-popular CoolSculpting—to have been well-researched before implementation. Another standout service performed by the Pacific Derm team is Glow Therapy: a SkinCeuticals Gel Peel followed by a “light facial” using warm Laser Genesis to help rejuvenate the skin and improve signs of early aging and irregular pigmentation.

If the skin is left a little red after any treatment, or a patent is simply looking for a bit of relaxation before heading out the door, Pacific Derm boasts the Cozy Room: a dimly-lit space filled with books, magazines, and an iPad. And when it’s time to leave the Cozy Room, complimentary touch-ups using Jane Iredale mineral makeup are available; the clinic is also stocked with an array of skin care lines, including Colorescience and SkinMedica, to help plump, nourish, and brighten.

Pacific Derm excels at creating an intimate environment. Whatever issues you face with your skin, the team here is ready to unravel them and educate you along the way. The mission is simply to make you feel your very best, in a space that acts as a luxury escape. Just as you’re about to leave, three words written on the wall will meet your eye: “We Know Skin.” And it’s true.

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Post Date:

December 14, 2017