Scandinave Spa Whistler

Sound of silence.

At first, the idea of a silent spa may seem daunting—silly, even. But a few moments into the experience at Whistler’s Scandinave prove naysayers wrong with every long, relaxed breath in and out. What seems like a gimmick reveals itself to be one of the spa’s greatest assets, allowing the true beauty of this place to shine without distraction. As complete strangers smile warmly at each other around the fires of designated relaxation areas, and partners mouth silent I love yous across the steam of the hot pools, a deep sense of gratitude and serenity cannot help but overcome those who dip tired bodies into Scandinave’s bliss.

A few minutes’ drive north from Whistler Village, the Nordic-inspired outdoor spa features a selection of hot and cold pools, steam rooms, saunas, and lounge areas. Following the hydrotherapy treatment routine, guests are encouraged to spend 10 to 15 minutes in a hot location, followed by 10 seconds in a cold pool, and then 15 minutes of relaxation to let the body recover. The process should be repeated at least four times, but of course, guests can pop in and out of each chamber as they please, perhaps taking an elongated period under the waterfall in a warm pool or enjoying a book break and cold orange water or hot Namasthé Tea in a hammock. There is also a café on site catered by Solfeggio and Blackbird Bakery, and of course the option to add on a special massage treatment including Swedish, deep tissue, and Thai yoga. All of this is done in true Whistler fashion, surrounded by idyllic spruce and cedar trees at the border of Lost Lake and looking out on the mountains ranges majestic and humbling.

Scandinave recently underwent an expansion, and its facility now includes a new dry sauna, eucalyptus seam room with rain shower, cool Nordic waterfall, yoga studio, terraces with Adirondack chairs, sun deck, and two indoor relaxation rooms featuring fire places and comfy sofas and chairs. The only sounds are those of chirping birds and cascading waterfalls, and perhaps the beating hearts of friends and lovers, connected deeper without ever uttering a word.

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Post Date:

August 29, 2016