Photo by Greer Ross-McLennan.

Why I’m Swapping My Antiperspirant For Natural Deodorant This Pandemic

If ever there were a time to not sweat the small stuff, this would be it.

Because world pandemics have a way of putting things in perspective so little things can feel less annoying—like when your husband forgets to refluff the decorative pillows after he sits on them (likewise, husbands should feel less annoyed at having these decorative pillows in the first place). Similarly, food on the kitchen floor used to feel like a direct affront to my cooking. Now, if tortilla chips stray behind said decorative cushions, who’s going to notice? Don’t sweat the small stuff is my new mantra.

But that’s not to say you shouldn’t sweat at all, because some sweating is actually good.

Like when we’re too hot, or feeling anxious about, say, the implosion of the world economy. Perspiration is our body’s way of regulating temperature thanks to our autonomic nervous system, over which we have no control.

And because no one feels in control right now, we’re all probably a little sweatier than usual. Factor in a hiatus on social engagements coupled with generous social distancing measures, and you have the perfect storm in which to swap your antiperspirant for deodorant.


Photo by Greer Ross-McLennan.

I’ve been hooked on antiperspirant since my teens, thanks to my aluminum dependence. Aluminum, the powerful sweat-stopping ingredient in mainstream antiperspirants, works like a charm, but some have suggested it might be linked to breast cancer and Alzheimer’s. While there’s no evidence to support those claims, I do know that aluminum can cause skin irritation and those annoying chalky clothing stains. It’s a harsh ingredient that works by blocking your sweat ducts so that when you perspire, sweat never reaches your skin—you’re actually still sweating, but you’d never know. Effective? Sure. Natural? Uh, nope.

Enter Apothekari Skincare, which offers a deodorant, not antiperspirant. Not only is its natural deodorant free from aluminum and parabens, it also eschews baking soda, which most natural deodorants use to control odour (think itchy rashes).


Image courtesy of Apothekari Skincare.

It’s also a unisex product, unlike most decorative cushions, so it’s win/win for everyone (my husband loves the Sandalwood Myrrh). Lastly, it’s the brainchild of local Vancouver pharmacist Sharmani Pillay, who launched her own natural skin-care line when she just couldn’t find anything that was effective, yet also safe. I’m a big fan of that line of thinking.

Going from completely dry underarms with daily antiperspirant to a lovely all-around lavender and bergamot scent whenever I lift my arms admittedly takes some getting used to.

Deodorant masks the smell of perspiration with odour-neutralizing enzymes so you can still smell fresh while letting your body do its thing. So, if you’re expecting a completely dry experience, deodorant isn’t for you.

But with all this time and a little perspective, I’ve come to realize that there’s nothing wrong with sweating—just not the small stuff.

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Post Date:

April 15, 2020