Canada’s Northern Lights

Chasing skies.

I wanted to photograph the Northern Lights from the moment the idea of moving to the Arctic sprouted in my head.

I clearly remember my first weeks in Inuvik, Northwest Territories, obsessively checking the sky every night—and that first evening when I saw them. I was standing on the road with my camera on the tripod when a young boy walked up to me, looked at my set-up and at the barely-visible green haze in the sky, and said, “You just moved here recently, didn’t you?”

I quickly learned that what I saw that night was nothing, and since then I’ve spent many, many nights shooting the Arctic sky, with some sightings so spectacular that no photos can do them justice. Yet the novelty doesn’t seem to wear off. Over three years later, the chase is still on.

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Post Date:

June 15, 2017