Ann Sacks x Kelly Wearstler

Tile by tile.

Anyone who has ever embarked on the seemingly simple challenge of laying tile can attest to the monotonous nature of the task. Lining tiny squares up just so takes more than a few hours of one’s day, making sure to carefully place the pieces, nose pressed to the wall. The reward from this job comes after taking a step back to view the humble mosaic left tucked under the kitchen cabinets, or perhaps encompassing a powder room. The strength of one shining gem is multiplied over and over, creating a satisfying conclusion.

Ann Sacks, the Portland-based manufacturer of tile and stone, has been designing these small riches since 1981, and recently revealed its collaboration with renowned designer Kelly Wearstler. The Los Angeles-based creative is well-known for her trademark blend of contemporary geomatics and natural materials, a philosophy which she applies to every branch of her expansive lifestyle empire. Her namesake brand spans from home furnishings to accessories, plus residential and commercial projects, all carrying her definitive look.

Three collections with Ann Sacks—Liaison, Maven, Tableau—are the first of five to be released in 2016. Each group of the series, currently available at the Ann Sacks Vancouver showroom, emphasizes neutral tones with nods to organic forms. The Liaison collection is comprised of nine designs highlighting marble, a key material in Wearstler’s work. Blocked and juxtaposed texture and colour make for bold and graphic tiles, adding punctuation and emphasis to a room. If something softer is to be desired, three of the Liaison tile styles are also available in made-to-order rugs. Next, Wearstler’s signature playful interest in materiality is noticeable in the Maven series. Inspired by artists, Maven features brush strokes, screen printing, and cuerda seca dry line (an ancient glazing technique), all which highlight the craftsmanship involved in the tile’s production. Finally, Tableau pays homage to the California girl’s home, the earthenware tiles displaying shimmery blues and sandy golds reminiscent of the Pacific Ocean.

Tile by tile, Wearstler’s collection is a unique artistic expression to be fully realized when the last piece is laid and the picture is complete.


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Post Date:

April 19, 2016