Dubai’s Sweden Island with Bentley Home

Luxury floats.

If Dubai is anything, it is unafraid—of the spotlight, of being over the top, of extreme opulence. The United Arab Emirates founding member is on a mission to be the top, the best, the most of the most, and its position as a Middle Eastern power continues to expand. With 2.5 million inhabitants, it is the UAE’s most populous city; it boasts the world’s tallest skyscraper, driverless cars, plans to host the World Expo in 2020, an island shaped like a palm tree that can be seen from outer space, the world’s longest automated and driver-less metro system, an indoor ski playground, and a group of 300 man-made islands called The World that are shaped like a map of, yes, the world.

Unlike the world, though, The World is largely still uninhabited, save for a section of development called The Heart of Europe. Which brings us to Sweden Island, for which construction has begun, and on which a set of luxury villas will be outfitted by none other than Bentley Home.

The celebrated car brand extends its aesthetic to household décor, offering the Sweden Villas an array of furniture of the same quality as its vehicle interiors: fine materials, skilled craftsmanship, and professional finishes. These seven-bedroom homes were inspired by Swedish Viking vessels and were designed by renowned architect Carlo Colombo. The Villas are set to be complete by the end of 2016, just in time for a fantastical Swedish-inspired New Year’s Eve extravaganza.

Other islands comprising The Heart of Europe include Germany, Monaco, Main Europe, Switzerland, and St Petersburg, the last of which will be surrounded by Floating Seahorses: ultra-luxe houseboats that connect to the mainland with floating jetties and offer incredible water panoramas and perspectives. Emphasizing the importance of tourism to the metropolis, The Heart of Europe will also have high-end hotels, with its developers positioning it as a one-stop-shop for indulgent vacations.

Though plans abound, the city has also seen many of its grandeur projects cancelled, stalled, or pared down. But The Heart of Europe is a telling detail in Dubai’s story, presenting its unfaltering dedication to majesty and splendour. It will be the top of The World—at the very least, its own.

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Post Date:

May 13, 2016