McKinley Burkart Vancouver

Office Space.

Calgary architecture and design firm McKinley Burkart is synonymous with ritzy, sleek spaces. The company’s wide range of work includes Earls Kitchen + Bar, Alloy Restaurant, Butter Beauty Parlour, Goose Island brewpubs in cities such as Mexico City and Sao Paulo, UNDRCARD Boxing Studio, and some Simons stores across Canada.

Now, McKinley Burkart has taken to the West Coast with the opening of a Vancouver office on the northern edge of Railtown, and every aspect of the space takes on the company’s customary bold, modern style. At the entrance, custom lighting by Andlight hangs delicately, and a monolithic marble rock with swirls of burnt-orange serves as a reception desk. The office is accessorized with this signature orange colour throughout, coming to life in the mid-century chairs, door handles, and a vintage-inspired record player.

McKinley Burkart has taken the industrial history of the area and incorporated it into the design with mechanical, heavy sliding glass-doors lined with a bold black framing. Notes of West Coast design found in nature—think abstract driftwood and the rugged coastline—are also a major focal point of the aesthetic; the walls have a wave-like texture, and blue hues can be found throughout the panelling and flooring. The Vancouver office has also taken some hints from its Calgary headquarters, replicating the same green dome-like light fixtures that sit above the white open desk area.

Sitting just outside the north-facing windows is an exceptional view of Burrard Inlet, the mountains, and the colourful mosaic of shipping crates. The space is finished off with a collection of art—made exclusively by Vancouver artists—including the work of Anthony Redpath and Ben Skinner. Another addition is the unique, 10-foot Kewpie doll installation, standing cute in the communal area. The doll is one of the many curated pieces of art for McKinley Burkart’s new endeavour, the QP Project.

This Vancouver office marks the expansion of McKinley Burkart, and the company seems ready to make its mark on the city. The city, for its part, is ready as well.

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Post Date:

December 15, 2017