A Toast to 2013

The wines.

Turn up the Junior Senior songs, and then let Daft Punk take over. Through it all, why not go for the best: a Taittinger Nocturne Sec Rose Disco. Around $95, in private stores. Taittinger can also be found in government stores in the form of the Reserve Brut, and even at a reduced price: $62. Moët et Chandon Grand Vintage 2004, a true classic, at $81, or try the always reliable Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label NV at $70. (And yes, the label is actually orange.) Finally, a brooding, fantastic red; please open a few hours before pouring, or use the old sommelier trick of opening, decanting, then pouring back into the bottle, so you can still impress your guests, looking at the label. Feudi di San Gregorio Serpico. Make the guest list short, though, this wine might be a bit difficult to share. $100.

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Post Date:

December 31, 2013