Benjamin Bridge

The wine.

Wolfville, Nova Scotia may not be the most obvious wine appellation in Canada. L’Acadie Blanc, Ortega, New York Muscat, and Seyval may not be the most obvious vinifera grapes in Canada. But Benjamin Bridge winery is doing some quite wonderful things, well worth investigating, as in, chilling a bottle or two, and sipping this weekend. Tidal Bay, $24, is a crisp, expressive, dominantly muscat and chardonnay sipping wine, a touch of sweetness that means you really must cool it well. The Nova 7, $28, slightly pink, with stone fruit notes throughout, has a light effervescence that really takes this into a special place. We talked about the lovely Brut, 2009, last week, but any of these wines is bound to please.

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Post Date:

June 4, 2014