Bottles from South Africa

The wine.

South Africa, for those fortunate enough to have visited there and had a few of the wines, is a bit under-represented in this part of the world. Numerous great bottles, and great values, never appear in Canada. To some degree, that is to be expected, given how competitive things are here, but perhaps times are changing, at least a little. The Wines of South Africa have conspired to bring in a few treats, most of them under $20, that should really make us take notice. Graham Beck Game Reserve cabernet sauvignon, at $20, is bursting with fresh dark fruit, vivid blackberry notes, wrapped around a core of chocolate and spice. Terrific with grilled anything, even Espelette peppered zucchini. But before drinking that, sip on the Môreson Winery’s Miss Molly Hoity Toity, a blend of chenin blanc and viognier. At $15, it is an intriguing value, locked and loaded with peach, pear, and a bit later in the palate, some grapefruit, to give the wine some racy acidity. A clean, surprisingly long finish make it delightful for sipping in any weather. And by the way, Miss Molly is the resident Weimaraner at the winery. Hoity Toity is her ‘tude.

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Post Date:

July 2, 2014