What to Eat at the Richmond Night Market

Navigating the stalls.

The Richmond Night Market, in its many different incarnations and locations over the years, has become an annual summer staple for both locals and tourists looking for a bit of Southeast Asian flair closer to home. Located a short walk from both Bridgeport SkyTrain station and the River Rock Casino, it is known for its smorgasbord of diverse food options—and for good reason. But with so many choices, the Asian-style market can be absolutely overwhelming for newcomers. There is so much going on, and there are so many delicious street food items to choose from.

Make no mistake, there’s something for everyone here—from the more traditional Chinese items from Hong Kong and Taiwan, to the stalls serving Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, and even European fare. Despite the riches of choice, there are some classic staples that are not to be missed. If you’re not eating a lot, you’re doing it wrong.

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Post Date:

July 14, 2017