Feeling Bubbly

Tastes and aromas.

There is something about sparkling wine—prosecco, cava, Champagne, et al—that feels at once approachable and covetable. It represents something luxurious, not exactly an everyday post-office drink, but certainly attainable, wholly attractive. It’s in the smell of a freshly opened bottle, or watching the fizz calm down in a flute as the bubbles rise and pop, rise and pop.

In a decidedly unique and ultra-high-end twist, Moët & Chandon has created MCIII: an unorthodox cuvée that combines still wine with Grand Cru. The innovative creation—which, according to representatives at a private tasting at Ancora Waterfront Dining, is like nothing else in the world—takes its name from the three distinct layers of blending and fermentation: pinot noir and chardonnay from 2003, aged in stainless steel vats; Grand Vintage blends from 1998, 2000, and 2002, aged in oak casks; Grand Vintage Collections from 1993, 1998 and 1999, aged in bottle. The final product is still full of bubbles, but remains soft: it begins full, then gives away to the freshness of the fruit, and finally to some minerality underneath. Only a few thousand bottles are being released, and in Canada, they’ll go for around $650 each.

Those inclined to order a breakfast or brunch cocktail may lean towards a mimosa, but that is not the kind that Prada employed for its latest fragrance in the Les Infusions de Prada collection. Using natural mimosa from the tree infused with rose absolute, star anise oil, and mandarin essence, the Italian label captures the crux and beauty of its main ingredient. That said, Mimosa’s scent still has a light and airy quality to it that conjures up celebratory moments of popped corks and tart juice, with a sweetness that expands on the skin and could pair with any bottle—and occasion. Not that one needs cause to be festive.


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Post Date:

July 6, 2016