Haywire Wines

The wines.

The Okanagan Crush Pad is a place of innovation, science, and inspiration. That is, a place where technology meets romance and some of the Okanagan’s most fascinating wines are being made. The facility makes wines for various entities, but one of the core wines made here is Haywire, which started modestly with a small pinot gris vineyard, but is fast becoming (as fast as vines can mature) a leader in pinot noir as well, with some terrific viognier on the way too.

This week, we suggest you try the Switchback Vineyard Pinot Gris, which boasts some Italian raciness and acidity, but has some intriguing structure and herbal notes that might make you think a little of high-end Oregon. It’s a unique, delightful wine, for $24. The Okanagan Valley Pinot Noir is startling, bright, rich, fruitful, fantastic with a wide variety of foods, and at $24 as well, it is a true bargain for a variety that, around the world, seems to get more expensive every year.

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Post Date:

January 29, 2014