Haywire Winery’s Pinot Gris and Baby Bub Pink

The wine.

The future of the Okanagan wine industry is here. Terroir-driven wines, not trying to emulate styles or flavours from other parts of the world, but simply being themselves. It is a region of great diversity, but that being said, there are ample reasons for winegrowers and winemakers to focus on what grows best, and where.

A fabulous example is the Haywire pinot gris, $20, a wine of structure and balance, certainly, but it is just bursting with citrus fruits and fascinating herbal notes. It is not like Oregon or California pinot gris, nor is it much like any pinot grigio from Italy. It is unique, while being varietally correct, and will make a great addition to any end-of-summer splash you care to make. And while you are at it, the first pour for your lovely evening for two should be Haywire’s Baby Bub, $14, a half bottle of sparkling wine that is fresh, and yet quite jammy in its flavours, with a fantastic flinty, smoky note. A real delight.

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Post Date:

August 27, 2014