Hester Creek Chardonnay

The wine.

The thing to notice about the new, and fine, Hester Creek chardonnay is that you actually do not notice the oak. It is there, certainly, but not brash or too bold, nor is it attempting to be a New World Chablis. Expect mild hints of such things as butterscotch, and perhaps with some bottle age, a bit of caramel. But it shows lovely citrus notes, all part of a fresh acidity that makes it an ideal accompaniment to virtually any seafood we can think of. If we had to choose, it would likely be some grilled prawns, diced heirloom tomatoes, nice olive oil and a bit of Maldon salt, some grilled bread, and a good friend to talk over the absurdity that is known as the Shutdown. That, or the entirely predictable mediocrity of the Canucks thus far. Just under $25.00 and worth it.

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Post Date:

October 16, 2013