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Indulge in Some of Vancouver’s Most Decadent Sweet Treats—And Fight the Isolation Blues

We are all doing our level best to support those we love through these uncertain and isolating times. We’re giving generously to businesses that need our help, offering to grab groceries for our elderly neighbours, banging pots at 7 p.m. to show our appreciation for those putting their own lives in danger to protect ours, and being available to talk about, well, not very much really, via video chats with friends and family we can no longer simply hang out with and proffer hugs.

Maybe it’s time to give ourselves a little break, and enjoy some honest-to-goodness sweet treats. Seriously, you’ve stuck to your morning workout routine, you’ve managed to eat some vegetables and fruit each day, and you’ve ticked off enough of your to-do list for today… A little sugar now and again to brighten your mood is as much about self-care as it is indulgence. Honest.



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The good folks at Beta5 know that chocolate is not just a treat, it’s a necessity. Not only are they now offering premium chocolate in bulk for home bakers struggling to source high-quality product, they have devised a weekly Emergency Stash Box. Yes, you read that correctly: it’s a box filled with emergency chocolates to pick you up and put a smile on your face. A rotating selection of bars and other chocolate treats are shipped out—Canadawide—every Monday.



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Can a doughnut be anything other than a pleasure? Well, certainly not when it is as delicious and inventive as these local variations on the timeless treat. From the restraint of the vanilla-glazed, classic old fashioned, to the sheer beauty of a mascarpone-and-strawberry-filled orb of fried dough, Mello’s sweet concoctions are sure to deliver a splash of sunshine to your door.



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The esteemed French patisserie’s wares are the perfect antidote to the isolation blues, their perfectly crafted exquisiteness, and unalloyed celebration of all things unnecessary, guaranteed to lift your spirits. And the fact the cakes are available in mini versions, suitable for one, means you can have a whole one to yourself and not feel even remotely guilty about it.

Rain or Shine


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A pint of ice cream has long been the go-to comfort treat of the lonely, broken-hearted, or just plain sad, so it stands to reason we should want a little (or a lot) of our favourite frozen sweet right now. Go traditional with vanilla or chocolate, or take a walk on the wilder side with flavours that include honey and lavender, London fog, and the truly moreish blueberry balsamic from one of Vancouver’s own popular purveyors.

Giovane Café and Eatery


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Waking up to something delicious made by someone else is never to be taken lightly, so this breakfast from the wonderful Giovane Café +Eatery in the Fairmont Pacific Rim should give your day the sunny start it needs. Part of a new home delivery menu that will expand in the coming days to include offerings from the Botanist and the Lobby Lounge and Raw Bar, the Rise & Shine Breakfast includes buttery croissants and scones, granola and preserves, all made in-house.

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April 24, 2020