Pierre-Henri Morel Côtes du Rhône Signargues

The wine.

Michel Chapoutier joined with Pierre-Henri Morel to purchase a vineyard in the Pignan area of Châteauneuf-du-Pape, back in 2007. From it, they make some exciting, intensely terroir-driven grenache wines. But one of the charming aspects of the vineyard is the grenache it supplies for the Pierre-Henri Morel Côtes du Rhône Signargues, $20.

This wine also has some syrah in it, and it is an exceedingly charming, fairly intense wine. Redolent of blackberry, blackcurrant, licorice, and even a bit of lavender. The region has so much to offer, at a whole wide range of prices, and this wine is a fantastic example of the quality to price ratio at its best. Enjoy the first bottle as you braise the lamb shanks and chop the vegetables, with Hozier crooning on just under the conversation level. The second bottle, enjoy with the food, and then turn the music up, after everyone leaves, and finish the bottle all by yourself.

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Post Date:

February 25, 2015