Tacofino’s Burrito Breakdown

Textura y sabor.

Editor’s note: In honour of Tacofino’s third Vancouver location—a counter-service restaurant and bar in Yaletown—we asked chef de cuisine Trevor Backus to break down the five most important elements of a good burrito. Read on, then eat on.

Burritos are meant to be an enjoyable and easy (and some would say messy) food, so don’t be afraid to have fun and experiment with flavours when building your own. When you’ve got your burrito loaded with these five essentials, fold the sides of your tortilla into the very centre, then roll tight!

The Starch

Rice and beans—the base of a traditional burrito. Plain rice and beans seasoned with salt will do, but up the flavour of your starch components by cooking with onions, garlic, and your favourite herbs.

The Meat

Whether it’s pulled pork, chicken, steak, beef barbacoa (pulled beef), or fried fish, you want the meat of your burrito to be seasoned well. I recommend marinating your meat the day before and then cooking it low and slow to let the flavours soak in. If you’re looking for a vegetarian alternative, you can use sautéed vegetables like bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, or cauliflower.

The Sauce

When choosing your sauce, you want to use flavours that will complement with your protein. While sour cream and guacamole play well with most burritos, don’t be afraid to get adventurous with flavours such as chipotle, tamarind, or even fish sauce. Remember, lots of sauce is a good thing! If you’re not eating your burrito with three to four napkins, you’re doing it wrong.

The Greens

Chopped lettuce, cabbage, or green onions will add freshness and texture to your burrito. When you’ve got all your ingredients piled high, top everything off with a few fresh sprigs of cilantro—lengthways so that you get a bit with each bite.

The Heat

Sliced, fresh jalapeño peppers are a great finishing touch to add heat to your burrito. If jalapeños pack too much spice for your liking, substitute them for your favourite hot sauce.

Pair with warm tortilla chips, a cold beer, or a salty margarita. Repeat again and again.

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Post Date:

August 5, 2016