Taylor Fladgate Very Old Single Harvest Ports

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Fruitcake and port is perhaps not the most fashionable couple. Yet like sweater sets and pearls or loafers and socks, it remains a timeless combination fit for grandmas and (of-age) grandchildren alike.

Every year since 2014, Taylor Fladgate has released a limited-edition Very Old Single Harvest Port that has been aged in seasoned oak casks for 50 years. Up next is the 1967 edition, to be released in Canada in January 2017.

Established in 1692, the historic Taylor Fladgate is one of the world’s largest producers of port. Known worldwide for its product, the company offers a unique selection of single-harvest varieties that allow one to taste the subtle, gracious changes that happen on its vineyards every year. The 50-year-aged tawny ports began back with the release of the 1963 single harvest; since then, each one has achieved soaring results—full of warmth, spice, and complexity, but with noticeable differences between the years. The ‘64, for example, develops soft notes of buttery caramel, with a long, supple finish, while the ‘65 is sharper—green with heat and higher in alcohol content. The anticipated ‘67 variety pulls anise and pine notes, making for a fitting companion to any holiday post-supper. Tradition or not, it deserves the good crystal, and some very special company.

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Post Date:

December 18, 2016