Vancouver’s Guide to Almond Milk Lattes

Go nuts.

Almond milk is having its time in the spotlight. Besides the obvious fact that it is dairy-free, the thrill of it all lies in the nutrition value of these little brown nuts. Full of vitamins including E and D, and rich in healthy fats, almonds pack a serious punch—and when in milk form, make for a delightful coffee companion. The nutty taste of almond milk extends the flavour of the coffee, and despite its lack of cream, it can be frothed into a pretty fantastic latte. Health-conscious Vancouver has plenty of cafes serving up this delicious beverage; let this map guide you to some of the best.


Elysian’s almond milk lattes are a thing of beauty. The cafe, with four locations around the city, has quickly become the go-to for many Vancouverites thanks to its consistency of quality and celebration of coffee culture. Before dishing out the good stuff, baristas may offer up sparkling or still water to cleanse the palette in anticipation of the incoming latte. Working hand in hand with Lauren Elbe of Nuez nut milk to create the Barrista Blend, Elysian’s fresh almond milk is balanced with cashews, sweetened with dates, and touched with Vancouver Island sea salt. The result? A frothy latte full of richness.

Small Victory

Waking up without hitting snooze? A victory. Catching the bus on time? Another victory. Sipping a perfect almond milk latte? Worth celebrating at Yaletown’s Small Victory. With a Carrara marble coffee bar, oak panels, and brass detailing designed by Leckie Studio, Small Victory has been serving up delicious almond milk lattes since 2014. At the centre of the winning formula is the almond milk made on-site, sweetened to perfection with the help of dates, figs, and vanilla. The outcome is a lush, rich drink that is seamless to sip on. That’s one small victory for humankind, and one giant win for almond milk.


If you see a vibrant inverted heart glowing on the corner of Hastings and Hamilton, you know you’ve found Nemesis. Although the word itself is defined as a long-standing rival, this Nemesis is more of a friend—one who always serves up a well-balanced almond milk latte. This homemade almond milk gives the latte a silky-smooth texture. The coffee doesn’t outweigh the milk, and the milk doesn’t outweigh the coffee; they are perfectly intertwined. It’s no surprise the cafe has been selected as a top six finalist for Best New Cafe in the World at the 2017 Sprudgie Awards.


When it comes to cafe culture in Vancouver, Revolver reigns supreme. Coffee is taken seriously here, and you can feel it in the atmosphere; you always know you’re in for something good. What makes Revolver’s almond milk latte so special is the bean. Bellingham’s Camber seems to be the weapon of choice for the latte, which is an excellent move considering the company’s espresso includes hints of cherry. The fruit notes make for a pleasant taste with an unexpected kick—resulting in one sweet and delightful drink.

33 Acres Brewing

Weekends at 33 Acres are always a delight. Dogs are sitting outside, bikes are parked, and a community has come together to celebrate one of life’s little pleasures: beer. Although this may be a craft brewery, 33 Acres does it all, including a great coffee. And just like its beer, this spot only settles for the best when it comes to almond milk—so it’s no surprise that Nuez’s Barrista Blend is used. Presented in a sleek (and large) white cup, your almond milk latte will hold up perfectly with that avocado toast (or those beers your friends are drinking).

49th Parallel

There’s nothing more recognizable to the Vancouver coffee lover than 49th Parallel’s turquoise cups. And when they are filled with almond milk lattes, it is extra hard to go wrong. The fresh milk is housed in an on-site fountain, keeping it cold and silky throughout the day. The latte is smooth and comforting, proving that these cafe locations will always be local favourites. Save room for a Lucky’s donut.

Cafe Medina

Cafe Medina’s outdoor sign says it all: “Life is too short for bad coffee.” So, when ordering up an almond milk latte from the hot spot that is considered to have the city’s best brunch, expectations are high. But alas, the almond milk is steamed perfectly, and the flavour shines through. Medina also has lavender syrup, so a lavender almond milk latte is a good idea for any sweet tooth. Grab and go, sit at the coffee bar, or dine-in for Les Boulettes.

Honourable Mention: Spade

Launched in late 2017 on Commercial Drive, Spade is already adding its voice to the Vancouver coffee conversation. Welcoming in tons of light, the new concept from Prado owner Sammy Piccolo is warm and minimal. Although the pristine white countertop offers an array of Italian wines and cocktails, it serves up a stellar almond milk latte, too. Brewed with 49th Parallel coffee, Spade’s almond milk lattes are strong—perfect for those who like a little darkness in their java. This spot is on the rise, and clearly the almond milk latte is, too.

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Post Date:

January 26, 2018