Wine Tours in Langley

Grapes of plenty.

A little-known fact: Langley is home to a special micro climate—the region receives 30 per cent less rainfall than Vancouver—and seven unique wineries. From the 30-year-old vines at Domaine de Chaberton to the Estate Winery at Krause Berry Farms, Vancouverites with dreams of Tuscany can get an original wine-tour experience in their own backyard. Stop by Vista D’oro and taste some of the flagship D’oro, a fortified walnut wine, before sitting down to a charcuterie board under an expansive walnut tree. Take a trip to Township 7 and explore the new tasting room. Grab a bottle from Backyard Vineyards; the 2012 Nosey Neighbour is a white blend full of lemony highlights. The back patio at Blackwood Lane Vineyards offers a beautiful view of the valley, and Fort Wine Co. stocks an original cranberry wine; excellent for making sangria.

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Post Date:

September 10, 2013