Louis Vuitton for UNICEF

Pinky promise.

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As children, we pinky promise to solidify the smallest of deals. It’s a bond between two people, signed and sealed by two tiny limbs. These seemingly minuscule contracts, however, are often our most personal and deeply held resolutions.

This year, Louis Vuitton, in partnership with UNICEF, is taking the pinky promise to mean much more than a schoolyard pact. Each specially designed Silver Lokit—a necklace and bracelet with a charm inspired by the iconic George Vuitton tumbler lock—represents a promise to children in need, affected by conflict, disaster, and humanitarian crisis. With each piece sold (available at boutiques worldwide and online), the house will make a donation of $200 to UNICEF to help children globally.

Additionally, with the help of some famous faces such as Canada’s own Xavier Dolan—also the new face of Louis Vuitton’s Ombré collection—the brand is introducing its digital #MAKEAPROMISE campaign. With digits extended, Louis Vuitton invites devotees to raise a pinky in support of children in need all over the world, and ask others to join in, posting the images to social media with the corresponding hashtag. It’s a small gesture, but like the elementary deals made in playgrounds across the globe, it can mean the world to someone.


Post Date:

January 18, 2016