Lululemon x Barry’s Bootcamp

Sweat It.

Lululemon, that pioneering athleisure juggernaut, has officially encroached into the pantheon of wardrobe staples as essential as the little black dress or basic white tee. Indeed, the entire errand-running industry and coffee klatches around the world couldn’t survive without the brand’s now-iconic Align pant or signature Scuba hoodie—sartorial signifiers everywhere of the relaxed and laid-back. These worldwide uniforms go from A to B seamlessly, and without sweat—emphasis on without sweat, as many of these comfy duds won’t ever see the inside of a yoga studio let alone a brisk walking trail. But the Lululemon x Barry’s Bootcamp collection just dropped this week and it’s designed precisely to see you perspire—and seriously so—in all its mesh, ventilated, anti-stink glory.

To hatch the 30-piece “Stronger as One” clothing capsule, Lululemon teamed up with that other global juggernaut, Barry’s Bootcamp—the Hollywood-born fitness chain that has 60 locations as far-flung as Singapore and Saudi Arabia. Billing itself as the “best workout in the world,” the high-intensity routine centers around a 1000-calorie-an-hour (ish) program that hinges on a mash-up of cardio and weights all set to heart-pumping beats and pumped through in a “Red Room.” Think less Fifty Shades of Grey (however torturous your Barry’s workout) and more red as cultural emblem of fierceness and femininity.

Synergy between the two brands abounds in a collection that took a year to come to fruition: find many shades of crimson as well as a Stronger as One jacket in titanium foil that channels the celebrity-driven wattage of Barry’s Bootcamp devotees; the men’s Jogger pant with abrasion-resistant panels and Adapt the Strap bra with adjustable front cinch is all Lululemon innovation.

Barry’s Bootcamp hasn’t arrived in Vancouver yet, but expect that to change this fall when the chain opens up shop. For now, get the new limited-edition Lululemon x Barry’s Bootcamp collection at Lululemon’s 4th Avenue flagship as well as the Robson location, and online at and

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Post Date:

July 25, 2019