Louis Vuitton for UNICEF


Louis Vuitton made a promise, and the iconic French fashion house has enlisted Sophie Turner to help fulfill it.

Partnering with UNICEF since 2016 through its #MakeAPromise campaign, Louis Vuitton invited the British Game of Thrones star to design a special 2018 edition of its beloved Silver Lockit. Released on November 20 (World Children’s Day), the bracelet honours Louis Vuitton’s continued support of the most vulnerable children around the world—including young ones in refugee camps located in Cox Bazar, Bangladesh.

With braided red and white cords, the accessory features a charming rabbit illustration: a little piece of Turner herself. Earlier this year, the Louis Vuitton ambassador travelled to Toronto to visit tattoo artist Curt Montgomery, who inked on her arm a beautiful rabbit—the very one featured on this precious treasure. The white rabbit is a symbol of luck in many parts of the world, and Turner hopes that in this case it will bring people together to champion such a worthy cause (a portion of each Lockit sale goes directly to UNICEF).

First created by Georges Vuitton in 1890, the Silver Lockit was designed as a representation of protection, and it continues to be one to this day. The tumbler lock seals Louis Vuitton’s declaration to help children at risk and make a difference in their lives; since its inception, the UNICEF partnership has raised over $5 million (USD), and that number will continue to increase thanks to Turner’s beautiful addition. For children in need, this is a promise worth keeping.

Continue making a difference.


Post Date:

November 20, 2018