SousVide Supreme

The appliance.  

Sous vide means “under vacuum” en français and refers to a culinary technique utilized by top chefs worldwide. Food is seasoned and vacuum-sealed, drawing all the juices, herbs, and spices in to yield truly intense flavours. The pouch is then placed in a precisely regulated low temperature bath for as little as 20 minutes or up to 72 hours for tougher cuts of meat. Also, with food locked in an airtight pouch, delicate fats prone to oxidation at high temperatures are better preserved.

Beyond facilitating a hands-off, easy, and healthy meal, you’ll never again be held hostage by the timing of your roast and the arrival of the chronically late dinner guest.

The SousVide Supreme is available in Canada through Cedarlane Culinary.


Post Date:

September 24, 2012