Perfect fit.

In music and fashion, trends from yesteryear will reappear, tweaked slightly to incorporate modern wisdom and appear fresh for new and returning audiences. Fitness isn’t free from this cycle, as seen in Crossfit, one of the fastest-growing trends in physical health, a top-selling and effective method of training at boutique gym Studeo55.

You thought full sit-ups were a no-no? They’re back, and in a Crossfit sequence you may be expected to do 60 of them in just a few minutes. “Crossfit is basic exercises, constantly varying, and done with high intensity,” says personal trainer and Studeo55 owner Nathan Mellalieu, from his new, multi-level Hornby Street location. He adds that while the idea of high-intensity workouts are an old concept, they’re enjoying a new popularity “because they work. You’re going as hard as you can, doing a set or round as many times as you can in a given time frame.”

Doing basic exercises and working hard at them is the philosophy at Studeo55, whose state-of-the-art equipment and chic space—designed by award-winning firm Box Interiors—make for an agreeable environment to sweat in. And the reward for your Crossfit workout is burning hundreds of calories—or more accurately, claiming ownership to one of the hard, strong bodies that you see intermingling at Studeo55. Looking good is a trend that never goes away.


Post Date:

September 26, 2012