Nesmuk Exklusiv Full Damascus

The knife.

This is a knife unlike any other. Nesmuk is a German company that uses the basic premises of knives—the ergonomics, the shape—created over three centuries ago, to inform the overall spirit of their extremely high quality knives. Each piece is handmade, and includes nearly four dozen steps. From drawing and forging, tempering, annealing, and the wet grinding of the hollow ground blade to the mounting of the handle, takes many hours. The result of this truly artisanal process is a knife of maximum precision and perfection. The Nesmuk Exklusiv Full Damascus consists of up to 480 layers of selected carbon steel. It is distinguished by its double-sided hollow-ground blade with the finest cutting edge, and an elegant, wild Damascus pattern. The silver collar is precision-integrated into the perfectly ergonomic knife handle. Available at Atkinson’s of Vancouver.


Post Date:

December 2, 2013