The Impossible Collection of Motorcycles

The book.

Assouline Press published a hardcover book called The Impossible Collection of Cars. They subsequently approached automotive journalist Nicolas Stecher to do a similar book about motorcycles. Says Stecher: “I knew I couldn’t do it solo so I approached Ian Barry, who I know as someone whose authentic love of motorcycles is basically unparalleled.”

So, artist and industrial designer Barry and writer Stecher have come out with The Impossible Collection of Motorcycles. “The truth of the matter is that selecting 100 timeless motorcycles isn’t difficult because it’s hard to find worthy bikes; it’s difficult because there are so many beautiful machines that deserve to be in the book,” says Stecher. Bikes for every taste, but the author’s favourite? “The Megola. It’s more sculpture than transportation. Plus, it’s got its engine located in the front wheel. That’s some badass engineering.”

The Impossible Collection of Motorcycles is available at Atkinson’s of Vancouver.

Post Date:

September 26, 2013