Millson Technologies

All things simple.

Sometimes a task as simple as connecting the DVD player to the television and getting a movie to play can feel like a near impossibility. But what if you want to control your home cinema, residence-wide music system, climate control, lighting, automated window coverings, and security features, all with just a touch from your iPad or iPhone?

Regardless of how complicated the systems become, Richard Millson, founder and CEO of Millson Technologies, demands that the user interface be simple, consolidated, and intuitive. They also specialize in the integration of technology with design, leaving the aesthetic vision your architect and interior designer intact by concealing cords and speakers behind walls. The end result is as intrusive as a piece of (well-selected) art on the wall.

Over 1,100 custom homes in Greater Vancouver have trusted Millson’s technology solutions, and their systems are guaranteed to work the first time, and every time, perfectly. Millson designs, builds, programs, tests and tailors each system to its clients’ needs all within its Vancouver facility long before a cable even makes its way on site. “We talk about the experience,” says Richard Millson, “and this impacts how the systems are designed.” The heart of Millson’s success is asking people how they want it to be and figuring out how to get there. Simple? It will be.


Post Date:

March 18, 2012