Graf von Faber-Castell’s Pen of the Year

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“What is the good of experience if you do not reflect?” So reflects Frederick the Great, the inspiration behind Graf von Faber-Castell’s Pen of the Year 2015. The muse is the New Palace of Sanssouci, an extraordinary homage to Frederick the Great’s victory during the Seven Years’ War; the Pen of the Year 2015 has similar status as a pillar of excellence in writing instruments today. The platinum-plated fountain pen showcases a Russian quartz on the cap, while the 24-karat gold-plated fountain pen boasts a rare chrysoprase only available today on the antique stone market; both editions are inlayed with four green Silesian serpentines. And should you wish to reflect like a Great, you now can—Graf von Faber-Castell’s first Writing Boutique in British Columbia is now open in Vancouver at Charals.


Post Date:

April 10, 2015