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Offline Time.

Whether it’s scrolling through Facebook, reading a favourite blogger’s new post, working in front of a computer, or FaceTiming a loved one, screens have become deeply embedded into our daily lives. Still, while technology offers many incredible benefits, it’s important to remember to take time away—both for our minds and bodies.

A digital detox is just what it sounds like: breaking free from electronic devices for a period of time. It’s an opportunity to reduce stress and focus not only on the world around us, but on personal self-care and reconnection. And a great place to start is the beauty cabinet.

Begin by pouring a tall glass of water and drawing a warm bath—it’s time to get rid of digital toxins. To tune up the body’s operating system, American brand Pursoma’s all-natural Digital Detox tub soak is an effective option. Perfect for anyone who spends hours in front of a screen, the powerful blend of hand-harvested French grey sea salt and single-origin French green clay helps relieve stress and tension, thus helping to reduce the chance of poor-quality sleep that often results from technology overuse. Pursoma details instructions to follow before entering the tub, stating clearly the first rule of any digital detox: turn off the phone and leave it in another room. As the soak’s job is to literally rid the body of toxins, be sure to drink plenty of water and do not stay in the tub longer than the recommended amount of time. This purification process is intense.

Once out of the bath, wrap up in a robe and spray on a mist to cleanse the face of too much screen time’s energy-zapping effects; British holistic skin care brand Amly Botanicals will do the trick with its Digital Detox spray. The water running below Amly’s wildflower meadows in East Sussex is naturally rich in antimicrobial silver, which makes up the basis of this mist (it also fuses marine algae with depolluting juniper). The floral-scented skin replenisher with green notes provides a soothing shield against ongoing exposure to artificial light and electromagnetic radiation emitted from screens.

And what about those tired eyes? The ones that stare into digital oblivion each day, whether it be browsing Etsy or scanning Excel spreadsheets? Chantecaille’s Gold Energizing Eye Recovery Masks noticeably refresh the under-eye area after just 20 minutes. These lavish silk and gold complex-infused masks boost collagen production and plump deep wrinkles due to the ingredient matrikines, leaving the delicate eye area looking brighter and smoother. Nobody has to know about those late-night corgi YouTube videos.

Next it’s time for a facial mask, and Aerin’s Rose Night Table Cream and Overnight Mask is the perfect product for soothing the skin and boosting hydration. Slather the nourishing formula onto the face; it does not need to be washed off.

Following that, consider the Tata Harper Aromatic Irritability Treatment, an aromatherapy blend to help restore optimism and calm the mind after a day online. A combination of jasmine, geranium, and cypress work together to inspire a sense of positivity and ease any feelings of frustration that may have developed while reading about the state of the world on Twitter. Roll onto pulse points and palms, and inhale deeply.

Finally, spritz some This Works Sleep Plus Pillow Spray onto bed linens. The natural remedy encompasses motion-activated technology that releases a beautiful blend of lavender, vetivert, and chamomile throughout the night. It goes the extra mile to help calm buzzing minds before sleep.

A beauty regime gives the body and mind permission to truly unplug and decompress, if even just for a few moments. Practicing self-care keeps us grounded and connected, even in the most overwhelming of times. It’s when we set aside our digital arms that we get the chance to reevaluate our inner relationships, remembering that there is life beyond our Instagram feeds. It’s simple: offline is the new luxury.

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Post Date:

June 3, 2019