TWG Teas

The tea.

It’s time for coffee breaks to step aside—afternoon tea is about to make a revival.

Singaporean-based TWG Teas has cultivated relationships with tea growers worldwide to ensure that they receive exclusive access to harvests from renowned gardens. Along with traditional teas such as Ti Kuan Yin and Pu-Erh, TWG also infuses their more unique blends with fruits, flowers, and spices from around the world. Their French Earl Grey, for example, is a fragrant variation of the great classic, delicately infused with citrus fruits, and French blue cornflowers.

More than 200 TWG Tea blends can be sampled at the Urban Tea Merchant’s Vancouver boutique, and if you’re having trouble choosing, you can consult with their resident certified tea sommelier. Or, stay for a while at their salon to nibble on some tea-infused delicacies.

Post Date:

June 18, 2012