Bogner Ski

Lucky bamboo.

Willy Bogner Jr. launched Bogner Ski in 2004, as an extension to the ski apparel company his parents founded in 1932. The Bogner brand has long been associated with high-quality production and acute technical performance. Since 1936, Bogner has been the official outfitter for the German National Ski Team, of which both father and son have been champion members.

Beyond their medals, the Bogners have also become renowned for their influence on international ski culture at large. Over the years, original founders Willy Sr. and his wife Maria became known to the press as the “Dior and Chanel of ski fashion”. Their daughter-in-law Sônia, who was previously an assistant to Valentino, now maintains the legacy of their timeless apparel. Meanwhile, Willy Jr. has become an esteemed filmmaker, and has even contributed ski scenes to four James Bond films.

With all these accomplishments, it is little wonder that Bogner ski equipment is of such high performance and stunning beauty. Bogner’s state-of-the-art bamboo skis are made of natural bamboo sandwich woodcore construction with phenol sidewalls, stainless-steel tip protection and diamond-edge finish stone-ground tuning. Bogner ski sets include personalized engraving, telescopic poles with hand-sewn leather grips, professional speedlock bindings and several luxurious accessories. You may also consider the sophisticated Bogner bamboo helmet to match; it may bring you luck on your next daring aerial, whether you land it or not.

Post Date:

December 1, 2008