Montauk Sofa

Let's Tauk.

The sofa may not be the focal point of every room, but it is certainly the element that ties the various design elements together. And if it does so as masterfully as a Montauk Sofa can, it will get your house guests talking—a great sofa is the crux for conversation in a room. Montauk, a 15-year-old Montreal-based company, creates fully customizable sofas that can blend any amalgam of aesthetic sensibilities, no matter if you have a penchant for Provençal, modern minimalism or post-modern pastiche. Firmness of cushion, choice of material and combination of colours are all at play, and can completely transform the look of any frame in the Montauk collection.

“The most important thing, though, is to adjust the height of the sofa and chairs relative to one another,” says Ivan Quintana, manager of Montauk’s Vancouver showroom (which will gain a little height itself when it moves into an expansive two-tiered 6,000-square-foot space at the corner of Abbott and Blood Alley in 2011). “You want to create a conversation cluster, where no one person is sitting higher than the other.” Unless, of course, that is the statement you are trying to make.


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December 6, 2010


August 31, 2013