Molami Headphones

The gadget.

It’s all in the details for Swedish brand Molami’s sleek and stylish headphones, all down to each braided, textile-wrapped cord.

The Bight earbuds are chic napa leather stars, available in classic black and white with gold embellishments, or in textured stingray. Meanwhile, the Pleat headphones, also finished with leather, folds and rotates for maximum wearability and safe storage.

And if you really want to make a fashion statement, Molami has reinvented the headband with Twine. It’s a soft headpiece made of silk-satin and chiffon blends that wraps around your head for a unique listening experience. Talk about surround sound.

Molami headphones are available in Canada at Roden Gray, Secret Location, and Experience Headphones.

Post Date:

December 10, 2012


December 02, 2013