Museum of Vancouver Collection Rugs

The rug.

The Museum of Vancouver (MOV) has partnered with Harvey Burritt’s 2nd Century Rug Company to create a line of graphic area rugs inspired by artifacts from the museum’s collection, including streetcar and bus scrolls, riot boards, old corporate seals, and a map of Metro Vancouver published by the Automobile Club of Vancouver in 1935 delineating major car routes. Each MOV Collection rug is accompanied by a catalogue number which corresponds to the original artifact, viewable online. More designs will be added to the collection as meaningful images are unearthed from the museum’s archives.

The rugs are individually hand-knotted in Nepal and available at Burritt Bros. Carpets. A bit of a relic itself, the family–owned and operated business has been around since 1907.

Post Date:

December 10, 2012